Step away from Miley Cyrus you creepy old man




Source – A Miley Cyrus fan has taken his obsession with the fan a little further than most by getting his body covered in tattoos of the pop singer. After collecting photographs and watching interviews with her since 2009, Carl McCoid, 40, has had 22 portraits, lyrics and quotes from the star inked onto his arms, torso, hands, and leg. Mr McCoid insists his obsession with the popstar did not contribute to the break up of his marriage in 2011 but told the Sun his wife thought his interest in the Hannah Montana star was ‘a bit weird’. The 21-year-old singer has heard about Carl but said his fixation with her made her feel ‘creeped’. Mr McCoid, who runs and ironing business in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, said: ‘I think I need to go and see someone about it.’

Let me just say that this man is clearly fucked in the head. I mean when she was 19 he started to realize that she was his favorite person ever. Dude, get a new hobby. I will say that he picked a great person to fawn over and love though. Is there anyone better than Miley right now? No. Fucking get that shit tatted up, that is how you roll! Miley’s reaction is perfect too, she is only creeped out by it. This guy wants to wear her as a skin suit, I would be a little bit more than just creeped out by this guy. Then again I don’t know if anyone would be able to handle my beauty tatted on their body.

On another note, that Bangerz tattoo is amazing right? I mean I would rock that too, I can’t hate him for that. I can hate him for being a pedophile though, that is absolutely hate worthy. Yes she may be 21 now and completely legal but he probably started to love her once she stepped into the role of Hannah Montana.

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