Justin Bieber gets another tattoo


I feel like Justin Bieber is now the king of terrible looking tattoos, he is nearly a billionaire but still won’t find a good tattoo artist, I just don’t understand. He is 19 years old and has almost a full sleeve of ugly fucking tattoos. I am a’l for getting tattoos I really am, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them. If you are famous though get good looking ones! Hell if you aren’t famous get good looking ones! At least try to make them look nice!

Honestly though right now Bieber is at the top of his douche game right? He is trying to spray paint everything which he sucks at. He is showing up late to concerts, and he is getting terrible tattoos all over his body. The least he could do is try to look good right?! I mean come on bro!

Maybe after this hideous sleeve is finished he can stop getting the tattoos. Or if he does continue he can get better tattoos.

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